Onshore Exploration Geochemistry

· Soil Gas Probe Sampling
· Light Hydrocarbon Analysis
· Fixed Gas Analysis

Light Hydrocarbons for Petroleum and Gas Prospecting
V.T. Jones, M.D. Matthews and D.M. Richers
Geochemical Remote Sensing of the Subsurface. Handbook of Exploration Geochemistry, Vol. 7 (G.J.S. Govett, Editor)
©1999 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved. Preprint

Predictions of Oil or Gas Potential by Near Surface Geochemistry.
V.T. Jones and R.J. Drozd. AAPG Bulletin V.67, No. 6 (June 1983), P.932-952

Hydrocarbon Flux Variations in Natural and Anthropogenic Seeps

The 1983 Landsat Soil-Gas Geochemical Survey of Patrick Draw Area, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, D.M. Richers, V.T. Jones, M.D. Matthews,
J. Maciolek, R.J. Pirkle, and W.C. Sidle

Seismic Geochemical Prospecting - Surface and Marine Surveys

Overview of Geochemical Exploration Technology

Geochemical Associations with Zones of Seismic Disturbance (ZOD's)

Applications for Surface Geochemical Surveys. Boleneus, D., 1994, O&GJ

The Relationship Between Liquid Macroseeps and Light Hydrocarbons Microseeps

Soil Gas Calibration Surveys Over the Filo Morado and Loma de la Lata Oil and Gas Fields in the Neuquen Basin, Argentina

Remote Sensing and Soil Gas Geochemical Study, Railroad Valley, Nye County, Nevada

A Retrospective Analysis of a Soil Gas Survey over a Stratigraphic Trap Trend on the Kansas-Colorado Border

Dissolved Benzene Content of Subsurface Brines as a Proximity Indicator for Petroleum Deposits

Proprietary Geochemical Studies, Great Basin. Resale Data Sets

Overview of Hydrocarbon Extractions in Soils and Waters: Research Needs and Problems

Geochemical Precursors and Deep Earth Gases in Relation to Earthquake Predictions

Mobile Mercury Applications in the Search for Gold

Offshore Exploration Geochemistry

· Program Design/Consulting
· Piston/Gravity Core Sample Collection
· Vibro-Coring/Drilling Programs
· Onboard Sample Processing
· Bottom Water Sampling
· Headspace Gas Analysis
· Sediment Extract Analysis
· Onboard Testing
· Integrated Interpretation

The Exploration Technologies, Inc. staff of petroleum industry trained professionals have a cumulative base of experience in geochemical exploration encompassing more than one hundred (100) offshore and onshore basins. ETI has conducted geochemical surveys in the United States, and many International areas, including, South America, Africa, Europe, and the Far East.



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Gulf of Mexico Sniffer Data Set

Deep Water Marine Geochemical Coring. Data Example: Green Canyon, Gulf of Mexico

Integrated Marine Geochemical Exploration Programs. Data Example: Northern Chukchi Sea, Alaska

Offshore Sniffer Survey: High Island Area, Gulf of Mexico

Geochemical Discoveries Offshore Venezuela and Trinidad

Calibration Survey, Central Bonaparte Basin, Australia